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The Year of the Spoon

by Father John Cox

Orthodoxy is no stranger to theological disagreement. Our most fundamental doctrinal affirmations emerge from the forge of heated debates about the person and nature(s) of Christ and the hypostasis (or lack thereof) of the Holy Spirit. Among the many larger than life figures that belong to the story of these events Ss. Athanasius and Maximus the Confessor loom particularly large, not only for the theological acumen of their contributions, but also because of the pathos of their lonely struggle for Orthodoxy in the face of overwhelming opposition. But for every critical doctrinal dispute, (more…)


Rule of Faith Begins

It is given to our Orthodox Church through the Holy Spirit to fathom the mysteries of God. And she is strong in the holiness of her thought and her patience.
St. Silouan the Athonite

by The Editors

Welcome to Rule of Faith. Let us tell you about ourselves and our mission.

We are a diverse group of scholars — clergy, monastics, and laity — who nurture an abiding love for the Church and her Holy Tradition. We are eastern and western, “cradle” and convert, and represent various Orthodox jurisdictions. We are united in affirming the theanthropic life that the Church makes available to each of us through the Holy Spirit, by means of, and within, her Tradition. This life is (more…)